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Services Overview

Services Illustration

If you came here to find out what services David Anderson Consulting offers, a better question might be, "What computer-related services don't you offer?"

The services we currently perform are listed below.  Being a client-driven company, we will of course be adding to this list as our clients request new services.

  • Network Design, Implementation, & Administration with expertise in Windows
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Computer Parts & Systems Sales & Service
  • Medium- & Long-Range IT Strategy Consultation
  • Proactive Service Contracts/Agreements
  • Hardware & Software Support, by Phone, via the Web & at Your Site
  • Onsite Training
  • Remote Technical Support (see article below)
  • Antivirus Monitoring and Remote Remediation Service (see article below)
  • Online Backup Available

Services Updates

Abandoned System Policy

Affecting Systems Received by DAConsult for Service

From time to time it happens that people abandon their computers. We will consider a computer system as abandoned if after completing the work we were asked to perform, the computer remains in our office over 30 days. This policy applies to all computers received by David Anderson Consulting and does not require us to contact you. We try, but if you don't get the message, we can't be held responsible. Abandoned systems will become ours to do with as we please. Generally, this means they'll be recycled whole, or disassembled for spare parts.

Chat Is Ready

We Use ProvideChat to Keep In Touch!

For some time now, we've had a "Live Chat" bug at the top of each page in our site. This bug has been largely useless because chat was always offline. Now, with the new changes in the ProvideChat software, we're finally able to use this software more readily. We can also now recommend ProvideChat if you wish to add free, hosted, visitor chat to your website.

Online Backup Available Now

Protect your files with Internet Backup

With backup, our motto is, "A file doesn't exist until there are at least two copies of it."  With this service, you can kiss that worry goodbye!

We are partners with three major backup vendors: Carbonite, Datto, and Nordic Backup.

Now, for the bad news. We don't recommend this or any other online backup service for dialup users because it's too slow for either backup or restore. We also don't recommend this type of service for users whose Internet Service Provider is satellite-based. The reasons for this are twofold. First, backup time will be affected by upload speed, which for satellite is generally not any better than dialup. Second, most satellite-based Internet providers' access plans have a "fair use policy" that limits how much data you can send and receive during a given month. Initial backups and disaster recovery restores can easily cause you to exceed whatever limits they impose. However, if your backup needs are light, satellite can work, especially if that initial backup is sent to a local USB hard drive of sufficient size. We can make a local initial backup, then bring the drive back to our data center, import that backup, and return the drive to you. From then on, only the incremental backups will have to cross the Internet. As long as that is sufficient to keep you from violating your terms of service with your ISP, we're in the clear.

Let us monitor your Trend Micro "Worry Free Business Security" Antivirus

Monitoring Free for 1st Year with Antivirus Purchase!

We find malware (malicious software) problems everywhere. Malware breaches are sometimes caused by common things: opening the wrong email, visiting the wrong websites, that kind of thing. But with the advent of social networking and business adoption of these sites as a means to advertise at no cost, we've seen a proliferation of malware attached to them also.

For example, the Koobface worm masquerades on Facebook as an update to your Adobe Reader software. It capitalizes on the fact that most people have that software and that most people don't read all of the messages they get. They just click Yes, OK, or Upgrade and then they get infected.

When you buy Trend Micro's Worry Free Business Security software from us for your business, in addition to free installation, we will remotely monitor it for the first year. Give us a call and we'll talk about it.

Save $$$ on Tech Support Costs with Remote Support

Remote Support Available to Businesses at Home Rates!

In these tough economic times, folks want to save a buck every chance they get. David Anderson Consulting is here to help. If your business has Windows Small Business Server 2003-2011 or Windows Server 2012 Essentials, or Windows Server 2012 R2 with the Essentials Role installed, we will set up the Remote Web features within it to not only give you the ability to connect to your computer from anywhere in the world, but also to allow us to offer remote assistance to your users. If this isn't available to you, that's OK. We still have a plan. You can use the "Support" link at the left to get us connected remotely so that we can operate your keyboard and mouse. These secure remote-access methods work very well and let us fix things quicker.

And now for the best part... When we work on your business systems remotely, you qualify for the Home Rate! ($55/hr as of our last update) So you can save money while getting your problems resolved even faster. Give us a call and we'll talk about it.