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David Anderson Consulting Recycles

Pursuant to new rules published by the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality, we have implemented the following free recycling program for computer systems built by David Anderson Consulting.

For systems we have built, whether unbranded (those systems having a build date prior to September 1, 2008), or branded, (those systems built on or after September 1, 2008), we will provide free recycling for these systems. Since our systems are built on a case-by-case basis, we’ll provide recycling on basically the same basis. This means that while one person might find it convenient to bring the system in, another might prefer we pick it up, while another might want us to simply send shipping labels so they can send their system back. When you're ready, call us at (903)586-4082 or (877)586-4082, if the first number would be long distance for you, to arrange for the system's return.

For those systems located outside East Texas, we’ll send labels for the return of your systems. For those systems located in our normal East Texas service area, we’ll be happy to come pick them up. We will then reuse the parts that still have value, and responsibly dispose of those which do not. Those parts will be recycled, but as yet, the precise form this will take has not yet been determined.

Since all computer makers have to provide free recycling, you may get better, more convenient terms from the builder of your next system, if that doesn't happen to be us.

Manufacturers may recycle any brand, but are only required to provide free recycling for their own brands. Our brands are identified either by "David Anderson Consulting" on a label on the system, or by our serial number label on the back right-hand side of the system as seen from the back. The label says, "System Serial Number: xx" on the first line, and "Warranty Exp. Date: mm/dd/yyyy" on the second line.

Model Names Used Type Of System
Tempo Media Center or DVR, regardless of processor
Foundation Intel® Celeron®-Based Desktop PC
BizPro Intel® Pentium® 4, Pentium® D, Core2 Duo-Based Desktop PC
Infraserver Xeon®-Based Servers

While not related specifically to recycling, please note the following: When a computer system is sold or resold, Microsoft and most other providers of preloaded software require as terms of their license agreement that this preloaded software also be transferred to the new owner along with the system. We use the motherboard box to transfer this software to you, the end user. If you did not receive this box with software, you must have bought the system from someone other than us. If you do possess the preloaded software, it must also be returned to us. Microsoft et al doesn't allow it to be used on another computer. The recycling of the hardware is unaffected, but if you have the software, we need it when you recycle your system so that the next owner of this motherboard and chassis combination will have a legal license of Windows as it is unlikely that 3-5 year old hardware will support the latest version of Windows.