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Most of our podcasts will be audio only. You can choose to stream the MP3 files or download them. To download, make sure you right-click and choose "Save".

For videos, both the streamed and downloaded (if available) versions will be in Windows Media 9 or Flash video format from ustream, so they won't be iTunes-compatible until I get a good way to convert them to mp4 format.

Topic Date Type Length Experiences Available
Windows XP's End Of Life: XP, We Hardly Knew Ye

Episode 23: In a very special "Tech Tips & Rants", we lament the failure of the SaveXP campaign to secure a reprieve for Windows XP. We look at the options you have available to you now if you still need to use XP. We wrap up the show with a tongue-in-cheek eulogy for our favorite OS.

7/4/08 Audio 10:04 Listen Now Download (4.61MB)
When I'm looking at the list of programs in control panel, why don't some programs have a size?

Episode 22: In our latest installment, we look at how Windows finds out how much space a program consumes on your hard drive and how this may not be absolutely correct. We also discuss ways to clean up your hard drive.

You've probably seen this week's Cool Site already, but makes the cut. We talk a bit about its origins and what's available there.

This week's Gadget is the Intel Atom processor. This is a tiny processor that's going to be in almost everything soon. 47 million transistors in a package small enough that eleven of them fit on a penny. Wow! (I'd say it louder! - Flo) We wrap up spending a while chatting about USB in our "It's all 'Geek' to me" segment.

6/27/08 Audio 10:25 Listen Now Download (1.26MB)
Repair or Replace the Computer?

Episode 21: Our listener asks if a hard drive repair is worth doing. If your computer ever needs to be repaired, we'll give you a quick way to know whether or not you should repair it or replace it. It depends on the cost of the repair, as opposed to the cost of a new computer.

With gas prices today, our Cool Site is, where you can get all kinds of information and stuff for your car.

We love backup devices, and the Drobo is no exception. This thing is way cool! You've got to hear about this thing! "It's all 'Geek' to me" has info on Java.

6/20/08 Audio 9:56 Listen Now Download (1.17MB)
Why Does My Hard Drive Show So Much Less Capacity?

Episode 20: In this installment, we'll take a look at the issue of the capacity shown on the box versus the capacity shown in Windows. Hear how hard drive makers redefine one term to make their drives seem larger than they turn out to be.

Our Cool Site can help you surf faster and keep you off those sites having stuff you don't want to see.

The Voice Interactive Alarm Clock makes our cool gadget list this week, and in our "It's all 'Geek' to me" segment, we cover cache. It's not only good for wallets anymore! (It's a homophone)

6/20/08 Audio 10:37 Listen Now Download (1.25MB)
What Do You Do With An Attachment?

Episode 19: What do you do with an attachment? We'll talk about how to work with attachments received in email. This week's Cool Site is where you can find Bible software for free. Our Cool Gadget features the Seasonic Power Angel, and our "It's All 'Geek' To Me" segment turns our attention to DNS.

6/20/08 Audio 10:57 Listen Now Download (1.29MB)
Adding Attachments To Email

Episode 18: Since the questions for the last couple of weeks dealt with email I thought we'd talk about how to add an attachment to an email. Like so many other things, it varies.

This week's Cool Site: If you're home schooling your kids or you just want them to have a greater appreciation for Astronomy, check this site out.

This week's Cool Gadget is our most expensive, and least useful ever, but the main criteria is it's 'Coolness', and this one's got it. Don't miss the Sony Rolly

Our, "It's All 'Geek' To Me" segment focuses on the term Hotspot

6/13/08 Audio 10:15 Listen Now Download (1.3MB)
Troubleshooting Error Messages

Episode 17: In this episode, we answer a question I actually got from Eddie. Her question revolved around an error in Outlook. My on-air answer was a short explanation of how to research error messages yourself using Google. If you're having this problem, the complete show notes give the answer.

We have a Cool Gadget: GearJuice: If you travel with your iPod, iPhone, Bluetooth headset, cell phone or other gadgets, you'll want to know about this one. Our Cool Site this week isn't computer-related, it's a podcast I listen to called Our "It's All 'Geek' To Me" segment demystifies the term Drivers.

6/13/08 Audio 9:27 Listen Now Download (1.27MB)
Can Someone Send Email Posing As Me?

Episode 16: We answer a question from a listener named Cathy: "Can someone act like myself and send e-mails in my name to other people...Our identites are stolen all the time, how about our e-mails?"

Plus our regular features, the Cool Site: the Interactive Weather map at Our Cool Gadget is a software gadget, Auslogics Defragmenter, and we debut a new segment called "It's All "Geek" To Me" where we explain a computer-related term. This week's is Protocol.

6/13/08 Audio 9:09 Listen Now Download (1.11MB)
Disable Error Reporting

Episode 15: In our first TipCast we shared how you should send Windows Error Reports at least once. Well, if you just want to turn it off, our second TipCast will tell you how.
Complete Show Notes

5/24/08 Audio 1:01 Listen Now Download (488KB)
Backup, Backup, Backup Pt. 2

Episode 14: We've got some statistics about backups. I'm still talking too fast. We introduce the "Cool Site of the Week" segment which is, and the "Cool Gadget of the Week" which is the solid state hard drive.
Complete Show Notes

5/22/08 Audio 12:46 Listen Now Download (1.82MB)
Backup, Backup, Backup Pt. 1

Episode 13: The importance of backups. The SentrySafe Fireproof/Waterproof USB hard drive. I talk way too fast, but it's because I'm passionate about the issue.
Complete Show Notes

5/22/088 Audio 9:53 Listen Now Download (1.69MB)
Take Five on Radio

Episode 12. Our first show as a recurring guest on KBJS Take Five with Eddie Baiseri. We introduce David Anderson Consulting, and talk about DVD burners, Anti-Malware, the impending end of sales of Windows XP, the SaveXP campaign, Patch Tuesday, the difference between OK and Apply, and the classes offered at the Jacksonville Public Library.
Complete Show Notes

5/20/08 Audio 10:50 Listen Now Download (2.48MB)
Help! My Computer Is Slow!

Episode 11. In this installment, we discuss the two major causes of computer slowdown: Malware, and Hard Drive Fragmentation. We give our Top Ten ways to get malware under control, and then rant a bit about AOL Antispyware.
2/9/08 Audio 16:22 Listen Now Download (7.50MB)
Recent Developments
Episode 10:Developments since we last spoke: Memory prices have dropped, Microsoft has announced the impending release of Vista Service Pack 1 & XP Service Pack 3, both Intel and AMD have released Quad-Core processors, and Acer buys both Gateway and Packard-Bell.
PC Magazine Articles, "Vista SP1 Wasn't Worth The Wait"; Microsoft Windows XP SP3 beta: At A Glance; Intel Website "Xeon Server Processors"; AMD Quad-Core Website; Engadget Article "Acer Completes Gateway Acquisition – GTW Delisted"
10/20/07 Audio 8:08 Listen Now Download (3.73MB)
Send Those Error Reports
Episode 9, TipCast 1: I just got an error in Windows. Should I send this error report?
7/11/07 Audio 0:45 Listen Now Download (358KB)
Now Which Windows Do I Need?
Episode 8: Back in August, we did a podcast about the versions of Windows and we said we’d probably have to do another one when Vista came out. Well, it’s time…

Ed Bott's Blog Article, “Vista isn’t Me2, it’s Win95 + 12 years”; Microsoft's Windows Website; Mary Jo Foley's Article “From the ‘I’m glad I’m not a Vista salesperson’ files

7/10/07 Audio 9:17 Listen Now Download (3.18MB)
Some Useful Tools
Episode 7: In this installment, we’ll be looking at some tools we’ve recently found and discovered to be useful: Ultimate Boot CD for Windows, FeedForAll, and RecordForAll.

Ultimate Boot CD for Windows, FeedForAll, RecordForAll

7/5/07 Audio 7:40 Listen Now Download (1.75MB)
Using K9's Whitelist Feature
In this first video, which we purposely haven't given an episode number like the audio podcasts, we show you how to set up the Whitelist feature within the free K9 Antispam solution.
3/19/07 Video 4:46 Watch Now Download (21.8MB)
Dell Connect vs Remote Assistance
Episode 6: Dell is advertising remote diagnostic capability. With Remote Assistance already built into Windows, is it necessary? We also give you a quick tutorial how to use Remote Assistance.
9/19/06 Audio 2:37 Listen Now Download (625KB)
Which Windows is Right for Me?
Episode 5: We look at the versions of Windows XP and help you figure out which ones are applicable for you.
9/2/06 Audio 9:00 Listen Now Download (8.24MB)
Just What is Broadband, Anyway?
Episode 4: We talk about the difference and the similarities between the technical and marketing definitions of the term broadband.
7/30/06 Audio 4:09 Listen Now Download (3.80MB)
New Macintosh Commercials - My Take
Episode 3: This episode is basically a rant about my opinion of the True and False in the Mac vs. PC ads.
7/9/06 Audio 3:29 Listen Now Download (3.20MB)
What Kind of Power Protection Do I Need?
Episode 2: An in-depth look at the types of power problems your computer will experience, and the kinds of protection out there.
6/30/06 Audio 4:06 Listen Now Download (3.76MB)
Do Macs Get Viruses?
Episode 1: Our first Podcast, with a question we get a lot.
6/30/06 Audio 0:58 Listen Now Download (911KB)